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Accident Cases Attorney in Missouri and Texas

The most common personal injury cases are often a result of an auto collision or a slip and fall, yet there are many ways in which plaintiffs are intentionally or unintentionally harmed by another party. When faced with the aftermath of an accident, turn to skilled legal counsel for help seeking compensation.

At Penny Law, LLC, attorney Troy R. Penny will partner with you to ensure that you have zealous representation from start to finish. He understands that a serious injury can affect not just you, but also the people you love. His goal is to help you achieve the result that will make you and your family “whole” again.

Troy R. Penny proudly represents clients in Missouri and Texas. Contact his office today to set up a free consultation.

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Common Causes of Injuries

Injuries can occur in just about any situation. However, there are some circumstances in which they're more likely than others. The attorney at Penny Law, LLC frequently represents clients whose cases involve:

Attorney Troy R. Penny has years of experience defending personal injury victims in trials across Missouri and Texas. His negotiation skills and his ability to identify who is liable for the accident make him the legal partner you want in your corner.

Fight for Fair Compensation

If you've recently suffered an accident-related injury, you may be experiencing more than just physical consequences. When things like medical bills and therapy costs start piling up, let an experienced attorney help you seek compensation.

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